A Day Off

Spring Training.  ****, its Wednesday!  No 1:05 game.  In the office, at the desk trying to concentrate.  70 degrees outside.   Should just blow off the rest of the day, but… Check other scores on the web, really don’t care.  Wondering if Sarge believes Jr.   Thankful that I won’t have to listen to any "Graham Slam" ice cream commercials this year.  Good offseason move there. 

Checking out what other Phillies fans are posting.  Too analytical, too rah, rah.  What’s this?  MLB has this site where I can post my innermost thoughts about a new season for only $4.95 a month.  Great, lets get started.

John Vukovich’s funeral was yesterday, and most of the team (rightly) came back.  If Tacony Lou is right, then John (R.I.P.) makes number three.  Personally, I would have had everyone fly on different planes just in case.  In any event, John will be missed, lets get back to business.

We’re halfway through March and the questions are still there:  What’s up with Flash?  What’s happening with the relievers (Smith finally got some pitches across)? Where’s Lieber going?  What kind of gas mileage does he get on that rig he’s driving around, and shouldn’t Ultey loan John his new DVD on global warming?

Plus some new ones:  Is Dobbs the Coste of ’07?  Will Rowand pick it up by April 1?  Is he homesick for Southside Chicago?

Charlie made his first cut.  Nothing surprising.  Spring training, after all, is mostly about knocking the cobwebs off the roster guys, and showing the others how far it really is between Scranton and Philly.

Tomorrow it is back to work.  Game day


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