March Madness!

Dsc00351_4 March is a great time of year.  Lots of things to keep a man busy. 

Charlie, when do we plan to hit the switch?  It may be just spring training, but as many a manager has said, you can’t just throw a switch come regular season.   If we are the team to beat in the east, I, for one think we should start setting that pace early. 6576734_7_2_1

Well, its been three days since our boys got a day off, and we’re past half way point of March.  Lets see where we stand.  The starters: Hamels, Garcia, and Moyer get touched up for a combined 9 runs in 13 innings. Moyer is the only one that looked good.  The relievers are even more worrying, 15 runs in 13 innings.  For hitting, a combined .288  from the starters is okay, but a couple of the boys need to pick it up. 

This late inning white **** laying around Philly is giving me the urge for a Tiki Bar run.  Need to schedule a business trip… 


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