Keep Hands and Feet Inside the Car at All Times

So, Philly faithful we are not even out of spring training and the roller coaster ride is already starting.  Charlie makes it official.  "Stand" Pat couldn’t get a deal done for the team’s sixth starter.  So Charlie, disregarding the fact that Lieber has the best numbers of all  the starters in s.t., sends him to the pen. One could argue that he did it because he wants a reliable arm in an otherwise shaky group.  Personally, I think it was to endear himself to his boss who made two trades for starters in off-season. Couldn’t make him look bad before the season starts.  Also, they figure fans won’t ***** as much when "Stand" and Ruben "The Sandwich" ship Lieber out if he is coolin his feet in the pen.  Could you imagine if Lieber was in the rotation and putting up the best numbers when they ship him out?  Well, guess what? The decision was barely made when Stand’s first ace comes up lame…after he gives up another 3 spot in an innings worth of work, giving him an ERA of over 11 for spring ball.  Couldn’t get anything over 90 mph for the day, from what I hear.  The second new starter repays the team’s vote of confidence by giving up 5 runs in 4 and 2/3rds innings..including back-to-back jacks..and 3 bb’s.  So, Lieber may be driving that Rig of his north as one of Fightin’s five-man anyway.  Unless they want to try him out as closer… 

Then there is the batting lineup.  In no particular order we’ve got Rowand, Howard, and the ever reliable Patty hangin around the .200 mark for spring.

So, that fast start is looking more and more like its going to be more of an ’05-’06 start.  If its any consolation, the other "team to beat" in the division is not fairing any better. 

Tighten those safety belts, fans. 


One comment

  1. joseph

    You are better off with Leiber I think. Eventually a starter or more will go down for varied periods of time. You have someone to count on when that happens. You can look at it like this…you are one step ahead of many, many teams. “You can never have enough pitching” isn’t totaly accurate. But when you have one extra starter it is very true.

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