Groundhog Day

Someone get me a bag, I think I’m going to get sick!!! 

Its happening again Phillies fans.  After a year of roster changes, addytood changes, proclamations, predictions, and a personal sabbatical from sex for the entire month of March, we are right back where we were last year.  Deja vu, all over again in the immortal words of Yogi.  The Fightin’s keep finding ways, don’t they?  Yesterday’s bend-over came from non other than one of "Stand" Pat’s new star rotation men.  You know, the  one for who they sent Lieber to purgatory.  Well those of us that monitored spring training from afar and up close had reservations about this guy, and it turns out to be well founded.  Walking the pitcher!  Charlie should have seen it coming right there and went to the mound.  Oh, but then again it really wouldn’t have mattered because the pen…. 

So the faithful, freezing our *******’ gonads off, get subjected to a few limp-wristed innings trying to see if the Flailin’s can mount any sort of response, which of course doesn’t come until the bottom of the ninth. 

But by then its too late. 

Because the alarm is ringing. 

With Sonny and Cher singing "I got You, Babe". 

And for Phil, its time to wake-up, and live it all over again. 

On a brighter note, our boys are heading south to do some Florida fishing for Easter.  Lets hope they can put it together and get that first big win against the self -proclaimed doormat of the Eastern Division.


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